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The Best Instructors

They will stimulate your body and mind, with the intention to discover and strengthen the connection with yourself, your environment and those around you.

Nina Howes

Nina has dedicated the past 6 years of her life venturing into health under the umbrella of food science, yoga and massage therapy. With a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology her passion began with her research into the positive effects of healthy food on the mind. This started a chain reaction that led to the events of opening up a prosperous plant based business in Sydney.

Fuelled by her genuine desire to help and educate others reach health goals she began with coaching on food, demonstrating recipes, teaching fitness all while gaining a certification as a Rehabilitation and Sports Massage Therapist.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

Konstantinos Theodosopoulos

With an extensive background in Fitness & Art, Konstantinos started practising Capoeira in 2008. His passion has led him teaching in 3 continents and participating in numerous Capoeira workshops across the UK, Dubai, Bahrain, Brazil, France, Switzerland, California and Greece. Konstantinos also took part in the World Capoeira Championship in Baku in 2013. 

Alongside Capoeira, Konstantinos has been deeply involved in learning several music instruments and composing his own music. Understanding the art of music while allowing the rhythm to create something bold, powerful and yet peaceful, Konstantinos reconnects you to fitness and music with his unique approach when teaching Capoeira.

“Art in motion”

Nina Bafouni

Nina Bafouni ANutr is a Registered Associate Nutritionist, a Wellbeing Coach and a Personal Trainer. Having been raised on the Mediterranean nutrition, from a young age Nina discovered her ever growing passion for cooking. In parallel, her active lifestyle while growing up has led her to participating in Tae Kwon Do competitions at an elite level.

Nina holds a BSc in Human Nutrition and her expertise lies in health psychology. She is an advocate of health and uses her expertise to motivate people to change lifestyle behaviours and to create an action plan for improving their wellness. Over the last 6 years Nina has educated people to achieve holistic wellbeing through her coaching on balanced eating, weight management, physical activity and mindfulness. She has worked on numerous Occupational Health projects for UK corporate clients such as Ford Motor Co. and TfL, and one of her future missions is publishing her own Vegetarian/Vegan recipe book.

“A sound mind in a healthy body”